Welcome to the Christian Adoptions Alliance and the Waiting Family Ministry Partner program. A Waiting Family is a couple or family that aligns with the CAA and would like to serve a potential birth mom as a resource she chooses for her baby.

The Need

The Christian community must rise up and meet the challenges and needs of the over one million unplanned pregnancies happening annually. The pro-life community includes Christian pregnancy centers, maternity homes, adoption agencies, and of course the church.

These ministries are all working together as part of the larger body of Christ. They are all working together to minister to her and help meet her needs. Most would agree that the first objective is to help ensure that she chooses life for her baby. Sometimes choosing life is challenging because of the difficult circumstances related to parenting.

Ministry Solutions

This is where you come in. We need Christian families to align with us as ministry partners and help meet her needs.

As a Waiting Family Ministry Partner, you could be a parenting solution she chooses for her baby. A birth mom is often looking for hope, opportunities, and dreams that she can give to her baby. She wants to give her baby a future that is better than what she believes she can give on her own.

Becoming a Waiting Family Ministry Partner

If you would like to become a Waiting Family Ministry Partner, please review the statements of belief below. This is the first step in becoming one of our partners.

Christian Adoptions Alliance (CAA) is committed to working with families who are similarly committed to fulfilling the mandate of James 1:27. 

If you are in alignment with the above, we invite you to Register and complete the application process. If you have already registered you can log in here.

In the application process, you will need to provide a letter from your pastor on church letterhead, a copy of your marriage certificate, and comply with the above statements of belief.

Ministry Outreach

As an accepted Waiting Family Ministry Partner, your parent profile will be made accessible in multiple ways. Your parent profile will be featured on the following CAA ministry resources:

  • ChristianAdoptions.org – displayed in the Waiting Families section of the ministry website.
  • WaitingFamily.org – displayed in this birth mom outreach website
  • YourChoiceAdoptions.org – presented in this outreach website for birth moms and birth parents (launching in November)

Other Ministries

Your Waiting Family parent profiles and the Christian Adoptions Alliance ministry website are made available to birth moms through Focus on the Family, Heartbeat International, Care Net, NIFLA, and several other pregnancy center affiliate resources.

Some ministries will even be displaying your profiles through our API web application.