To increase the Kingdom with children who are adopted twice by promoting adoptions from a Christian perspective while standing on Biblical definitions and Christian practices. 

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The following list of statements serves as the foundation for what and why we do what we do:


Although the Alliance continuously evaluates and explores ways to advance the blessings of adoption, equipping and connecting are at the heart of what we do.  We are constantly looking at the best way to equip those interested in advancing adoption and those involved in the adoption process.

Below is a list of services offered by the Alliance.


The Christian Adoptions Alliance accreditation is a stamp of approval identifying agencies that are delivering adoption services based on Biblical definitions and Christian principles. The accreditation serves as the foundation for agencies that participate in the referral network.


Education is the foundation of the Alliance ministry work.  We provide education that engages the church, pregnancy centers, and the Christian community to recognize and address the need of children within the United States and around the world that need forever families and forever homes.


Pregnancy centers, maternity homes, and the church are positioned to have the greatest impact on advancing life and the ministry of adoption.  Providing training on how to have healthy adoption conversations that minister to both those facing an unplanned pregnancy and those struggling with infertility as they seek to answer God’s call to grow their families.


The Alliance is not an adoption agency.  We believe in a 1 Cor. 12 model of ministry, knowing that it takes the whole body to do Kingdom work.  The Alliance seeks to pull together adoption professionals who align with standing on Biblical definitions and Christian practices so that pregnancy centers, maternity homes, the church, and the community can refer to resources they can trust.


Healthy Christian referrals are a significant part of what the Alliance does to advance the ministry of adoption.  Prospective parents are referred to adoption professionals who stand in alignment with the Alliance on working within Biblical definitions and Christian practices.

Birth mothers and birth families can review Christian couples or families who have signed a statement of faith and made a commitment to raise their child(ren) in a Godly home with Christian values and practices.