BRAD IMLER, PH.D., President

Dr. Imler’s passion and commitment for adoption arose out of the blessing he experienced as an adopted child.  He would later meet his birth mother when he was 20 years where he learned about the journey she made in choosing life and adoption for him. 

He promised God that he would do anything, anytime, anywhere for the cause of life and the world of adoption.  His appreciation for adoption would expand as he and his wife grew their family through the adoption of two amazing children, Grant and Lauren. 

He launched Christian Adoptions after uncovering an unhealthy and, for all practical purposes, baby-selling adoption network. He was committed to making certain that adoption practices and education aligned with Biblical definitions and honored adoption from a Christian perspective.

NELLY ROACH, Vice President

As a scared eighteen-year-old determined to get an abortion, Nelly walked into a Planned Parenthood. She left still pregnant and eventually walked into a life-affirming clinic where she decided to parent her son, Robbie. 

While raising her son Robbie as a single parent, she met Michael Roach. In time, she realized that he was the man God had set aside for her.  Michael would marry Nelly and adopt Robbie establishing the Roach family.

Nelly is now dedicated to helping pregnancy centers reach more women. Her passion is to help centers save lives like that of her oldest son while also advancing the positive message of adoption and how it changes lives.

COURTNEY FREY, Education Coordinator

It was not until a week before she gave birth that Courtney investigated adoption as a possible choice for herself and her unborn baby. Believing adoption was the best option, she later placed her son into the arms of two parents she had the blessing of choosing herself. Twenty years later she reunited with her son over social media and has experienced an incredible long-distance relationship with him for the past ten years.

Courtney went on to attain her degree in Psychology to further her advocacy for improved communication and counseling for triad members. As a published author and guest speaker, her passion is encouraging those making decisions regarding adoption to believe in their unique purpose and know that unconditional love changes lives.