Adoption is a beautiful thing. However, it is also accompanied by sacrifice and sorrow. The sacrifice is one of the true representations of Christ’s sacrifice on our behalves. When a birth mom and birth father choose adoption, it is not out of abandonment or selfishness, it is out of love.

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Adoption is a Biblical concept, and it is one of the ways that our Heavenly Father describes our acceptance into His family. Below you can learn more about what the Bible says about adoption. You can also learn about adoption terminology as well as myths associated with adoption.

A Biblical Perspective

Most people don’t even realize that both Moses and Jesus were adopted. Two of the most influential figures in the Bible were actually adopted. God himself was adopted when Joseph became the father of Jesus. You are invited to take a look at what adoption looks like in the Bible and discover adoption from a Biblical perspective. Learn More


There are several terms related to adoption that you will hear as you navigate through the adoption process. This is a quick opportunity for you to learn about some of the more common terms and what they mean. Learn More

Myths of Adoption

It is surprising with all the adoption education and stories about adoption that are so prevalent today that adoption myths still exist. But they do. You may very well have heard of things about adoption that are not really true. Here is a chance for you to discover and learn about some common myths about adoption and what the truth is related to each myth. Learn More