This section of the site is where you can explore the different types of adoptions. You can learn more about each type along with the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

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Types of Adoptions

This is a quick look into the different types of adoption. It is the best place to start to learn about which adoption type is best for you and your family. Learn More

Adoption Options

The options for adoption are almost endless. From closed to fully open and everything in between, there is an adoption option to fit every potential birth mom and every prospective adoptive family. Fear should never be the determining factor for either birth families or adoptive families when it comes to what type of option to pursue.

Expecting moms considering adoption get to choose the type of adoption they want. As a potential birth mom, you can Register for free to explore waiting families and you can see which ones are receptive to your type of adoption. You can explore our waiting families anytime.

Open Adoption

An open adoption is the healthiest option for all members of the adoption triad and in this article, you can learn what makes it so and why the Alliance recommends this type wherever possible. Learn More

Semi-Open Adoption

There are many variations of what a semi-open adoption looks like and how it functions. This will help you discover what a semi-open adoption might look like.

Closed Adoption

Although an open adoption is the healthiest, either side of the adoption parties may opt for having a closed adoption. This article explores what a closed adoption is. Learn More


The majority of disadvantages really are found in the closed adoption option. However, there can be disadvantages potentially found in each of the different types of adoption. Learn More

Closed Adoption

There are significant disadvantages associated with a closed adoption affecting all members of the adoption triad. Learn More

Semi-Open Adoption

Although the disadvantages are less likely in a semi-open adoption, there are things that you might want to be aware of as you explore. Learn More

Open Adoption

Although an open adoption is the healthiest, there can be some disadvantages that may arise. Most of these are easily overcome with communication. Learn More