It is quite possible that you are just getting started on your adoption journey and you have a calling to adopt internationally. That calling may be for a specific country or it may just be a calling for an orphan somewhere in the world.

In either case, you may be asking questions about the number of children adopted internationally. You might be asking which country accounts for the most adoptions? You might want to know how many children are adopted from the country you are interested in?

According to the US State Department in 2007, here is a list of the countries that accounted for the most international adoptions within the United States:

China – 5453

Guatemala – 4,728

Russia – 2,310

Ethiopia – 1,255

South Korea – 939

Vietnam – 828

Ukraine 606

Kazakhstan – 540

India – 416

Liberia – 353

Colombia – 310

Philippines – 265

These numbers and the probabilities of available adoptions change over the years as governments change their adoption policies to protect children. You may also visit the US State Department website to check on other countries that are less popular.

Because a country of interest is not listed here, does not mean that adopting from that country is not possible. This is just a list of some of the most common countries for adoption into the United States.