Relative adoption occurs rather frequently within the United States and accounts for the majority of domestic adoptions in this country.

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Relative adoption may involve an aunt, uncle, grandparent, brother, sister or parent adopting a child from another family member.

What are the reasons for Relative Adoption?

Relative adoptions occur for any number of reasons, but here are some common reasons that relative adoptions happen:

  • The family collectively wants to keep an unplanned child within the family or extended family in some manner.
  • A family member may not be able to have children.
  • A single mother may want her child in the family but not be in a position to raise the child.

There is a variety of reasons that adoption may occur within the extended family. However, as Christians, you want to be asking what God has planned for your family and for the baby. There are many considerations that you need to work through and discuss as relative adoption is considered.