The world is filled with an abundance of children who are living on the streets or in orphanages in desperate need of forever families and a forever home.  The world of international adoption is more complex with national laws varying from country to country and more steps required than traditional US adoptions. The laws and processes of international adoption are necessary because of the consistent effort of those who try to exploit the world of adoption for the purpose of human trafficking.  Below, you will find access to a series of articles to help you learn more about the world of international adoption.

James 1:27

The passage of James 1:27 tells us about how God sees orphans and the value He places on the need to care for them.  Take a moment to learn about God’s call for each of us to care for orphans.  Learn More

Understanding Orphans

Most people think an orphan is a child whose parents have died and that child lives in an orphanage in some other country.  Although it is true, that this child would be an orphan, there are many variations of what constitutes an orphan across this globe.  Take a moment and learn more about the children who are in need of forever families and forever homes. Learn More

Hague Conference

Human trafficking is a global crisis and challenges facing the orphaned children across the globe.  Human traffickers would infiltrate the world of adoption as ways of gaining access to kids to exploit.  In 1993, the Hague Conference convened to establish global protocols for international adoptions as a specific step to intervene on the exploration of children through adoption.  You are invited to Learn More

Common Countries for Adoption

There are some countries that are more accepting and friendly to adoption recognizing that the process of adoption is a way to minister to the needs of the orphan children in their countries.  This article will share insights on some of the countries that have historically supported international adoptions. Learn More

International Adoption Application

There are forms and parts of the process that are different when adopting internationally versus adopting in the United States.  This is a quick look into some of the things you will need when adopting from another country.  Take a moment and explore the process of international adoption. Learn More