There are different types of adoptions for you to consider when planning on growing your family through adoption. Here is a collection of brief descriptions of the different types of adoption that are available to choose from:

Adoption Agency:

Public: Usually financially supported and managed by the state, counties, or cities. This may cost the adoptive parent more than the private option, due to extended services.  However, it can also be one of the more cost-affordable types of adoption.  They will work with Christians, however, they do not operate from a Biblical model nor from Christian practices.

Independent Adoption:  This type of adoption is processed by an independent adoption agency.  Some of these agencies may be non-profits whereas others are for-profit endeavors.  These agencies may be committed to the Biblical model and Christian practices, but many are not.  It is important that you confirm the principles and practices of the agency you choose.  Find a Christian Adoption agency by clicking on your state or using the drop-down menu to select a state.

Private: An attorney deals with all types of adoptions because there are legal expectations related to adoptions whether they are domestic, international, involving the foster care system, or even relative adoptions.  A private adoption may also be provided by an adoption agency, adoption facilitator, or directly from an adoption attorney.  The Christian Adoptions Alliance recommends using a licensed adoption agency.

Several Choices of Adoptions:

Open: Allows birth parents and adoptive parents to meet before the baby is born, as well as exchange addresses and phone numbers.  Communication often occurs throughout the adopted child’s life. It is also possible for the families to visit one another.  Christian Adoptions Alliance believes that open adoption is the healthiest option and recommends that all efforts be made to pursue this type of adoption.  Potential birth moms considering adoption, may explore the potential waiting family you might choose for your baby.

Semi-Open: Expecting parents can pick the adoptive parents from a profile, and are able to stay updated with letters, pictures, etc, through a connection with the adoption agency.

Closed: The birth parents and adoptive parents do not meet, exchange information, or contact one another.

International Adoption:

Choosing a country can be difficult. Countries that are frequently adopted from are Russia, China, Romania, Guatemala, Vietnam, Cambodia, and India. However, this has changed over the years and continues to evolve. An adoption agency or attorney can help start your search.

Foster Adoption:

This type of adoption usually involves adopting older children or even sibling groups.  If a sibling group exists, every effort should be made to keep the sibling group intact.

These adoptions are typically low-cost because they are processed through the state.

Stepparent Adoption:

Over half of the United States adoptions are stepparent adoptions.  This is when a marriage occurs and one of the marriage partners adopts the child of the other parent.  These adoptions are usually processed by an attorney and completed rather easily.

A home study is conducted to ensure the child’s safety.