Adoptions from a Christian Perspective

Christian Adoptions is an organization committed to fostering adoptions from a Christian perspective. It is the mission of the ministry to help find permanent homes for children here in the United States and around the world.

Whether you are a potential birth mother or prospective adoptive parents you are probably full of many questions. Christian Adoptions is here to help provide you with answers to those questions and to help provide you with a sense of peace as you navigate the world of adoption from a Christian perspective.

The Birthmom Place

If you are a birthmother considering adoption and looking for prospective Christian parents, we can help you make that connection. We feature a growing number of profiles of Christian couples seeking to adopt a child. Use the features below to browse the profiles and learn more about the couples looking to complete their family.


Causes, Supporters, and Resources

Christan Adoptions recognizes that we could not be successful without those who support the work that we do. Similarly, CA is committed to helping support other causes. CA also likes to say thank you to those who provide access to our site.

  • Seven Wonders: This site is committed to promoting and protecting the wonders of nature from around the world.
  • Endangered Species: It is sad to see the number of endangered species around the world, we must do what we can to protect them.
  • When To Go: Helping families know when to go to different destinations.

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