Prayer of Dedication

A prayer of dedication will come from the heart.  Any one may deliver the prayer, but more than likely it will be the pastor or leader of the service.  Here is a sample prayer that may be shared as an example.  You are welcome to use it as is or incorporate any of the ideas or thoughts into your own prayer.

“Precious Jesus, please hear us as we pour out our hearts to You.  We know You love us and that as we cry, You are holding us in Your warmth and compassion.

Lord, we draw near to You for strength and help in this hour of our pain.  We thank You for the days we have had this child.

She(He) is so sweet and tender and a true product of Your loving grace.  Protect her(him), dear Father.  In the days ahead watch over, protect and lead this child into Your righteousness.

Jesus, now come with Your blessings on “Baby’s Name.” Grant her(him) peace which surpasses all understanding which only You can give.  Guide her(him) in future days.

Oh dear Jesus, thank You for hearing us and for being our comfort. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

Taken from “Adoption Dedication Service,” Loving & Caring

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